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Europe’s largest sand Belén

These artists have had the help of Canarian art students, with the idea of continuing to promote ‘the quarry’, who worked on tasks remove and shape about 2,000 tons of sand to transform them into the Europe’s largest sand BelénEurope’s …

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The Climate


The all year around ideal Climate

The climate of Gran Canaria
is subtropical semi-arid for some locations, but it varies considerably
depending where you are going. For the main touristic resorts the weather is
mostly comfortable. 
In Maspalomas it is
normally 28-33 degrees in July in …

Christmas in Playa Mogan

A Warm Christmas on Gran Canaria
A warm, unforgettable Christmas awaits you on Gran Canaria. Every year thousands of tourists choose to come to the Canaries to escape from the winter cold in their own countries and to enjoy during this …

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